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These bundles go in the OS image and on the school server.


Actividades Standard para Sugar 0.84

Browse icon Browse: Web browser based on xulrunner

Download: Browse (latest) (v.108)

Read icon Read: Book/PDF reader

Download: Read (latest) (v.86)

Write icon Write: Word processor

Download: Write (latest) (v.63)

Paint (Oficina) icon Paint (Oficina): Simple paint activity

Download: Paint (latest) (v.27)

Record icon Record: Still, video, and audio capture

Download: Record (latest) (v.67)

TamTamSynthLab icon TamTamSynthLab: Music composition and synthesis.

Download: TamTamSynthLab (latest) (v.53)

TamTamJam icon TamTamJam: Music composition and synthesis.

Download: TamTamJam (latest) (v.53)

TamTamEdit icon TamTamEdit: Music composition and synthesis.

Download: TamTamEdit (latest) (v.52)

TamTamMini icon TamTamMini: A mini TamTamJam.

Download: TamTamMini (latest) (v.52)

Chat icon Chat: Text chat

Download: Chat (latest) (v.65)

Pippy icon Pippy: Python Programming language/environment

Download: Pippy (latest) (v.35)

Etoys icon Etoys: Learning / programming / authoring environment

Download: Etoys (11.0) (v.113)

Turtle Blocks icon Turtle Blocks: Activity with a Logo-inspired graphical "turtle" that draws colorful art with snap-together visual programming elements.

Download: Turtle Blocks (latest) (v.94)

Calculate icon Calculate: Basic calculator

Download: Calculate (latest) (v.30)

Measure icon Measure: Oscilloscope and Data Logging

Download: Measure (latest) (v.29)

Distance icon Distance: Measure distance between two laptops

Download: Distance (latest) (v.20)

Memorize icon Memorize: A game about finding matching pairs

Download: Memorize (latest) (v.34)

Implode icon Implode: Logic game

Download: Implode (latest) (v.9)

Maze icon Maze: Maze game

Download: Maze (latest) (v.6)

Moon icon Moon: Moon phase viewer, includes Lunar phase information, eclipse data, and various display options.

Download: Moon (latest) (v.11)

Scratch icon Scratch: An easy-to-learn, multimedia programming language. Snap together colorful command blocks to create interactive animations, stories, and games, then share your creatiions on the Scratch website.

Download: Scratch (latest) (v.12)

Speak icon Speak: An animated face that speaks whatever you type

Download: Speak (latest) (v.16)

Terminal icon Terminal: An activity version of the Sugar terminal

Download: Terminal (latest) (v.31)

Log icon Log: An activity version of the Sugar logging tool

Download: Log (latest) (v.20)

Colors icon Colors: A simple natural media painting activity

Download: Colors (latest) (v.15)

Poll icon Poll: Create a poll, collect votes and analyze community opinions

Download: Poll (latest) (v.26)

IRC icon IRC: An activity version of the urk IRC client

Download: IRC (latest) (v.5)

Jigsaw Puzzle icon Jigsaw Puzzle: Classic picture-constructing game

Download: Jigsaw Puzzle (latest) (v.8)

Physics icon Physics: Physics game

Download: Physics (latest) (v.4)

Ruler icon Ruler: Very simple Activity which provides images of a ruler, cm and mm grids, and a cm checker board.

Download: Ruler (latest) (v.7)

Clock icon Clock: Simple Activity to learn how to read and tell the time.

Download: Clock (latest) (v.5)

Slider Puzzle icon Slider Puzzle: Slider Puzzle to improve on puzzle solving skills.

Download: Slider Puzzle (latest) (v.8)

SocialCalcActivity icon SocialCalcActivity: A spreadsheet activity.

Download: SocialCalcActivity (latest) (v.5)

Tux Paint icon Tux Paint: Paint program for young children.

Download: Tux Paint (v.3)

Analyze icon Analyze:

Download: Analyze (latest) (v.8)

Labyrinth icon Labyrinth: Labyrinth is a lightweight mind-mapping activity that supports text, images, and simple drawings.

Download: Labyrinth (latest) (v.9)

Abacus icon Abacus: Abacus is a simple abacus activity for Sugar.

Download: Abacus (latest) (v.17)

Visual Match icon Visual Match: Activity to make sets.

Download: Visual Match (latest) (v.21)

Arithmetic icon Arithmetic: Collaborative arithmetic quiz.

Download: Arithmetic (latest) (v.1)

TetrisMat icon TetrisMat: Elimina tres celdas de este tetris realizando operaciones matematicas sencillas.

Download: TetrisMat (latest) (v.1)

Conozco Número icon Conozco Número:

Download: Conozco Número (latest) (v.1)

GCompris icon GCompris: Educational application for children from 2 to 10

Download: GCompris (latest) (v.15)

Non-standard/modified activities



When changing the above list:

  • Communicate your change to the person responsible for making OS builds. They must put the new files under data/bundles so that they will be included in the new OS image.
  • Put the new content bundle on the mothership at /usr/share/puppetcontent/activities. This will then be propogated to the school servers, then to all the XOs through the activity updater.
    • IMPORTANT relax selinux restrictions on any new or modified files in this directory so that rsync can access them! chcon -t public_content_t *